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Development of a Market Strategy

In order to enhance marketing strategy for livestock and its product, KLMC is collaborating with other stakeholders and has developed market information system that links the producers and traders to the markets. KLMC is undertaking raw data collection in 36 strategic markets on prices and volume .The information is passed at the right time to the producers at the grassroots so that they can make informed decisions on the sale of their livestock. This is intended to cut off the middlemen who exploit the ignorance of livestock producers and also to increase the profit margins for trade in livestock and their product.

So far KLMC managed to attract livestock importers who exported cattle and goats to Mauritius and red meat to UAE, Qatar and plan to open more external markets especially in North Africa, Malaysia. Between 2004 -2009 members managed to export over 25,000 bulls and 20,000 goats to Mauritius and 35 tons goat’s meat to Qatar and UAE worth about 43m and the program is still ongoing though it is experiencing intermittent interruption from drought and disease outbreaks.


Cattle selected for export in Taita Ranch



KLMC and MoLD officials viewing livestock being loaded on the ship for export to Mauritius


Livestock Marketing

KLMC continues to link livestock traders and producers to Kenya Meat Commission (KMC), Alpha Fine Foods, Hurligham butcheries and newly opened farmers choice slaughter house.

The terminal markets traders are also organized to travel to interior markets to buy livestock with the assistances of markets information monitors and the DLMC officials. Like in Chepararia in West Pokot, Ngiyangi in Baringo, Oldoyiro in Isiolo and Merile in Marsabit where traders come from far due to awareness creations which were done. The butchers and livestock traders are also having a very good relationship due to several meetings that are organized by KLMC. There is also mutual trust even when selling livestock and meat to each other on credit unlike in the past where there were cases of disagreement and conflicts. The traders / producers have also started using sale agreement when the transaction is on credit and this has greatly reduced the loss of money.


Goats and sheep at Narok market


KLMC also has come up with Pastoralists Marketing Clusters (PMC), where producers from certain geographical area form clusters and sell their livestock as a group. So far a total of 2500 bulls worth 75 million were sold. The clusters are also linked to processors and large scale buyers from the urban areas/ranchers.



Market Structure Improvement & Development

With the support of ALLPRO, KLMC have helped repair the Bulla Argi in Garissa, Barwessa market in Baringo,  Turkwell in Turkana,Ngiyangi in East pokot and Suguta Marmar in Samburu districts. This markets were constructed by councils and partners but are in sorry state because the respective  councils have not been reparing and maitaining them. To improve the service delivery to producers and traders KLMC and ALLPRO agreed to support the markets once the councils involved accepts to hand over the markets managemnt  to the Livestock Market Associations ( LMA). Currently these markets are managed by LMA who collect revenues which will be used to repair and maintain the markets.


Mwingi Loading Ramp


Launching of Loading Ramp and Shade at Suswa Market Narok County


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