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In Turkana, things are changing!!!

In Turkana, things are changing!!!

Confronted by multiple challenges and long-term marginalization , people in Turkana are taking charge of their lives.

In Turkana, county pastoralist have faced challenges preserving their hides, skin and meat after they slaughter their animals .Through the intervention of KLMC and CLMC  they organized

Training on value addition with the help of KLMC donor partner funds was raised for the Construction of tannery in Lodwar rural. The tannery has assisted Turkana CLMC

In adding value to animal products like hides and skins .CLMC in collaboration with Kenya

Leather development cooperation facilitated local capacity training on preparation andreservation of hides and skins into useful animal products. This initiative has enabled them to generate revenue for both pastoralist and CLMC.

tannery 1


Turkana CLMC Treasurer Mr Jackson lele, takes photo by the completed tannery building

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